Terms & Conditions

This page defines the Terms and Conditions for Vegas Loyalty Lounge Rewards Programme. By registering with any Vegas Partner Lounge Casino, members automatically qualify for rewards and agree that they have read and fully understand the below Terms and Conditions.

  • Only real money players are eligible to collect C-Bucks.
  • Players must redeem C-Bucks.
  • Redeemed C-Bucks will be paid out to the player's:
    • Bonus Account for Green, Silver and Gold Lounge Tiers
    • Cash Account for Platinum Lounge Tier
  • Your casino password will be created as your rewards account password.
  • Vegas Loyalty Lounge Rewards reserves the right make changes to the Vegas Loyalty Lounge Rewards Program and its terms and conditions at any time without notice.
  • Vegas Loyalty Lounge Rewards reserves the right to make amendments to a member's C-Bucks balance if an incorrect reward calculation occurs.
  • Vegas Loyalty Lounge Rewards may withhold a member's C-Bucks at its discretion.

  • Rewards points at Vegas Loyalty Lounge Rewards are referred to as C-Bucks.
  • Vegas Loyalty Lounge Rewards members will earn C-Bucks in the following ratios per Lounge Tier:

    Green Lounge > 1 C-Buck for every 10 credits wagered
    Silver Lounge > 1,25 C-Bucks for every 10 credits wagered
    Gold Lounge > 1,5 C-Bucks for every 10 credits wagered
    Platinum Lounge > 2 C-Bucks for every 10 credits wagered
  • C-Bucks may be redeemed at any time in increments of 500 and are exchanged for casino credits in players account:
    • 500 C-Bucks is worth 2 (two) casino credits or
    • 1000 C-Bucks is worth 5 (five) casino credits
  • C-Bucks not redeemed (i.e. less than 500 C-Bucks) will remain in the members account and will be carried over until a minimum of 500 C-Bucks have been earned.
  • Game wagering will contribute in the following wagering percentages:

  Game Wagering %
  Slots 100  
  Parlour 100  
  Table poker 50  
  Casino War 50  
  Sic Bo 50  
  Red Dog 25  
  All Roulette 25  
  Video Poker 5  
  Craps 5  
  Baccarat 5  
  All Blackjack 2  
  All Aces 2  
  • C-Bucks earned on game wagering may only reflect 24 hours later.
  • Should a member's casino account remain dormant for a period exceeding 3 months (90 days) then membership to the Vegas Loyalty Lounge Rewards Programme will expire and all unredeemed C-Bucks will also expire.
  • C-Bucks which have been accumulated and not redeemed for a period exceeding 90 days will expire.
  • Only C-Bucks earned through wagering contribute to moving up to the next Lounge Tier. Bonus or promotional C-Bucks have the same value when redeemed.
  • Any promotional or birthday C-Bucks will only be credited to players whose accounts have been active for the last 180 days.

Member Status
  • C-Bucks earnings over a 3 (three) month period will determine a player's status/ Lounge Tier.
  • Bonus or promotional C-Bucks do not contribute to this calculation.
  • All Gold and Platinum Lounge Tier members are required to submit documents in order for Vegas Loyalty Lounge Rewards to process cashins without delay.
  • In order to receive entry into a higher Lounge Tier or maintain their current status, a member will need to earn the following number of C-Bucks within the 3-month period:

  • Lounge Tier C-Bucks Earned
    Platinum 20, 000 +
    Gold 6000 – 20,000
    Silver 1000 - 6000
    Green 0 - 1000
  • ALL standard and promotional Terms and Conditions Apply.